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A company with potential for packaging progress.

Competent employees not only ensure the ideal packaging solution, but also strive to provide you with the best customer service.

Creativity and comprehensive knowledge of the type and function of packaging materials are the prerequisites for meeting the complex requirements of packaging a wide variety of goods.

Likewise, the entire production process as well as the logistics and distribution of the packaged goods must be taken into account at every stage of development.

Our highly qualified packaging developers use the latest CAD and CAM computer technology to develop packaging solutions that meet your high expectations.

Our sample makers then produce precise hand samples as a template for later machine production.

Not only the packaging machinery, but also the people who operate these mostly complicated machines, the 'machine operators', are a guarantee of quality.

They must have good technical knowledge, experience, conscientiousness, responsiveness and a high sense of responsibility.

Our machinery and our logistics and fulfillment staff are also a guarantee of quality.

Precise management, precise work, so your product is in good hands and also on time at the place of desired destination.

Packaging is brand, your precious brand. In this sense, we support our customers with their individual packaging appearance.

Packaging samples are plotted out at lightning speed and subjected to a wide variety of tests.

This is where the creativity of our packaging developers is particularly in demand; here everything must fit, here the packaging must function 100% on the shelf.

The packaging as the best and most important advertising tool, the silent salesman transports your message.

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The FSC® seal
[ FSC® stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council®' and stands for environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically viable forest management. Ten globally applicable principles guarantee that wood and paper products bearing the FSC® seal originate from responsibly managed forests. These principles are laid down in an international standard. The FSC® standard stipulates that the ecological functions of a forest must be preserved, it protects animal and plant species threatened with extinction, and it safeguards the rights of indigenous peoples and workers. However, the idea that an FSC®-certified forest is completely untouched nature is not true. It is forest that is managed, but under strict principles and criteria that can sustain the forest as an ecosystem in the long term. ]
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Environmentally friendly due to rotting
[ In the Pacific Ocean, between the USA and China, is the largest man-made island. It now covers an area of 1.3 million km2, which is 3.7 times the size of Germany. Unfortunately, it consists entirely of plastic waste that decomposes very slowly. Wave action and the effects of UV light merely break down plastic waste.  Sea creatures take up these particles as food and some of them die in agony. Due to this fact and the sad certainty that there are still more floating garbage dumps in the oceans, one can say: 'Plastic has proven to be difficult to protect the environment in practice'. Cardboard, on the other hand, is disposed of through responsible recycling. The raw material cardboard decomposes very quickly compared to plastic. While a plastic bag takes 120 years to decompose, paper sometimes becomes fertilizer in 1 to 3 years. ]
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Recycled paper at an advantage
[ Paper has been recycled for decades and in Europe the special waste paper economic cycles are already very well developed. In addition, the industry has set itself up in recycling with sophisticated methods to get by with a minimum of fresh water. For example, the production of recycled paper consumes two-thirds less energy and water. Above all, recycling means conserving the natural resource of wood. The recycled paperboard used at Progress Packaging is 100% sourced from the waste paper industry. Since the majority of our products are made from unprocessed cardboard, there is also no need for optical brightening of the material by chemicals, thus ensuring the best possible eco-balance for Progress Packaging. ]
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Per development
[ Of course, we also develop packaging for you that is tailored to your specific needs. We produce and deliver special sizes as well as system packaging. Furthermore we offer you different services like: Packing, packaging, shipping as well as logistics. ]
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Per handling
[ The design of our products focuses on rational handling and ease of use. ]
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Per logistics
[ Advanced logistics at the cutting edge combined with perfect organization for fast handling and performance. ]
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Per service
[ Optimal service around our products is important to us. We take our customers' suggestions and wishes seriously. ]
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