A company with potential for packaging progress.

Competent employees not only ensure the ideal packaging solution, but also make every effort to offer you optimum customer service. Creativity and comprehensive knowledge of the type and function of packaging are the prerequisites for meeting the complex requirements of packaging a wide variety of goods.  

The entire production process as well as the logistics and distribution of the packaged goods must also be taken into account at every stage of development. Our highly qualified packaging developers use the latest CAD and CAM computer technology to develop packaging solutions that meet your high expectations. Not only the packaging machinery, but also the people who run these mostly complicated machines, the "machine operators" are a quality guarantor. They must have good professional knowledge, experience, conscientiousness, responsiveness and a high sense of responsibility.  

Our machinery and our employees in the field of logistics and fulfilment are also a quality guarantee. Precise management, accurate work, ensures that your product is in good hands and punctually delivered to the desired destination.

Packaging is a brand, your precious brand. With this in mind, we support our customers in their individual packaging appearance. Packaging samples are plotted in a flash and subjected to a wide variety of tests. Here the creativity of our packaging developers is particularly in demand, here everything must fit, here the packaging on the shelf must work 100%. The packaging can be the best and most important advertising medium.



Packaging with progress

Pro progressive!

In accordance with our motto " packaging and dispatching with progress" we offer you postal dispatch packaging with reliable self-adhesive closure and secure tear strip.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Pro eco-friendly!

Our products are mainly produced from renewable recycling raw materials. Selected cardboard qualities are used. The aim of our design department is to make all products as simple as possible so that they can be used by you quickly and easily.

Costs/benefits optimised packaging

Pro costs/benefits!

We attach great importance to the fact that our products not only fulfil your practical expectations, but also have a balanced cost-benefit ratio.

Individual packaging development

Pro development!

Of course, we also develop packaging for you that is tailored to your special needs. We produce and deliver special sizes as well as system packaging. Furthermore, we offer you various services such as: Packing, shipping and logistics.

Products with easy handling

Pro handling!

During the construction of our products rational handling and simple usability are in the foreground.

Advanced logistics for fast processing

Pro logistics!

Advanced logistics at the cutting edge combined with perfect organisation for fast processing and efficiency.

Optimum service around progress products

Pro service!

Optimum service around our products is important to us. We take the suggestions and wishes of our customers seriously.