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Filler made of paper.

Environmentally friendly padding and filling.

100% pro environment.

progressFILL filling and cushioning chips
[ revolutionary idea. Particularly functional and with the most positive ecological balance. ]
100% environmentally friendly recycled paper
[ Recycled paper has decisive environmental advantages over virgin fiber. Wastewater pollution alone is 10 times lower. Energy and water consumption is 50-70% lower. A powerful argument when you consider that the production of 500 sheets of printer paper from virgin fiber consumes approx. 4.7 kg of wood, 16.5 kWh, 79 liters of water and releases 400g of CO2 into the environment. ]
Significantly lower transport load
[ progressFILL expands very strongly. 10 liters of paper become 400 liters of filler. The raw material for a truck train load of progressFILL takes up the space of 3 Euro pallets. This fact further reinforces the positive values of the eco-balance. ]

Pourable, antistatic and dust-free.

progressFILL is easy to process, excellent to dose and pour.

You can get small quantities (120 and 240 liters in carton with filling aid), small and medium quantities as bagged goods (400 liters) from us.

For large quantities, we also offer a machine solution with integration into your packaging process.

For promotional and decorative purposes.

ProgressFILL 'DECOFILL' is produced in 9 standard colors.

We deliver in your company color or with logo imprint if you order accordingly.

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[ progress cushion chips are made of recycled paper. ]
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[ Padding chips for 100,000 liters are produced from 4 pallets of raw paper. ]
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[ Cushion chips interlock and have superior cushioning properties. ]
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[ Padding chips are made of volume paper and are therefore absorbent. ]
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[ Paper is considered electrically insulating. No disturbing static charge. ]
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[ Excellent price-performance ratio. ]
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[ ProgressFILL can be disposed of in the waste paper garbage can without hesitation. ]
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