Progresspack Partner Germany + Europe

The sale of our progresspack standard products takes place exclusively via the trade, i.e. via resellers.

Our "progresspack partners" are licensed, economically independent packaging dealers to whom we provide special sales support.

The "progresspack Partner" has many years of experience in the field of packaging and packaging materials. The sales staff of our partners is specially trained in "progresspack" products and therefore has the appropriate competence and know-how. 



Depending on the status of your dealer, you will receive our products on site at our partners, immediately available from stock. In each case, however, you will get a competent advice and the desired sample.

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    progressFILL FULL Service Partner
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    progressBOX Produkte
    progressCARGO Produkte
    progressFILE Produkte
    progressSMART Produkte
    progressFILL Produkte
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