Shelf display

[Translate to Englisch:] Regaldisplay
  • Consisting of plinth, shelf body, shelf tray and up to 10 shelves
  • Combination of tray and shelves in one display
  • Combination of different height distances
  • Tray solution: product stopper, drop safety device
  • Floor solution: easy access
  • Suitable for non-bearing products, such as foil bags, food, decorative articles, toys, napkins...

          Coat display

          [Translate to Englisch:] Manteldisplay
          • Consisting of coat, tray and topper
          • Can be used for large advertising space
          • Suitable for self-supporting products such as bottles, jars, cans,...
          • Incl. printing plate costs for monochrome full-surface prints and varnish

          Bulk and island display

          [Translate to Englisch:] Schuetten-Inseldisplay

          Bulk display

          • Consisting of plinth, any number of chutes and toppers
          • Double-sided topper
          • Suitable for any shape, such as loose, irregular small parts, penny articles, pouch packaging...

          Island display

          • Consisting of plinth, tray, carrying compartment sets and topper
          • Double-sided topper
          • All-round access to the product
          • Variety division by section set
          • Suitable for non-structural products such as folding boxes, bags, blister packs...