progressFILL filling and padding chips

A revolutionary idea - particularly functional and with the most positive eco-balance

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progress padding chips are made of 100% recycled paper

short transport distances

Over 100,000 litres of fillers are made from four pallets of raw paper

outstanding padding properties due to interlocking

Padding chips interlock and have phenomenal padding characteristics

absorbent padding chips

Padding chips are made of volume paper and are therefore very absorbent

electronically insulating

Paper is electrically insulating. No disturbing static charge

Excellent price-performance ratio

Excellent price-performance ratio

Disposal via waste paper bin

progressFILL can be promptly of in the waste paper bin

100 % eco-friendly recycling paper

Recycled paper has decisive environmental advantages over fresh fibre. The waste water load on its own is 10 times lower.  

Energy and water consumption is 50-70 % lower. This is a powerful argument when one considers that the production of 500 sheets of printer paper from fresh fibre consumes approx. 4.7 kg of wood, 16.5 kWh, 79 litres of water and 400 g of CO2 to the environment.

Significantly lower transport load

progressFILL is expanding very strongly. 10 litres of paper become 400 litres of filler. 

The raw material for a truck-trailer load progressFILL has a space requirement of 3 Euro pallets. This fact further strengthens the positive values of the life cycle balance...

Pourable, antistatic and dust-free

progressFILL is easy to process, easy to dose and pourable.

Sie erhalten bei uns Kleinstmengen (120 und 240 Liter im Karton mit Füllhilfe), kleine und mittlere Mengen als Sackware (400 Liter). Bei Großmengen bieten wir darüber hinaus auch eine Maschinenlösung mit Einbindung in Ihren Abpackprozess an.

For advertising and decorative purposes

progressFILL "DECOFILL" is produced in 9 standard colours. 

With appropriate order we deliver in your company colour or with logo imprint.



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