Logistics controls the flow of goods and information in companies – This is how most people imagine the essence of logistics. Trucks and freight trains open up in front of the mind's eye, unloading and picking up goods at generously dimensioned central warehouses.

That may be true, but it is only a tiny fraction of what logistics has to achieve.

progress packaging has a modern barcode logistics system and, together with its partners, more than 10,000 pallet spaces, to which we have daily access.

Progress packaging logistics includes: 

    • Modern deadline logistics (just-in-time) in the production structures of our customers
    • Direct dispatch of our ready-made (packaged) goods to major distributors, right up to the end customer.
    • Dispatch of our standard articles on behalf of our customers to their end customers, etc.

All this, controlled by the use of modern IT systems (EDI), has long been part of our daily business. 

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Progress Packaging Logistics