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According to our motto “packaging and shipping with progress” we provide postal dispatch packaging with a reliable self-adhesive seal and secure tear-off strip.

Our products are primarily made of renewable recycling raw materials. Selected cardboard qualities are used in the process.

Our Design department aims at creating the simplest possible designs for all products so that you can use them quickly and without any problems.

It is extremely important for us that our products not only fulfil your practical expectations but also offer a balanced cost/benefit ratio. Our competent employees therefore strive not only for an ideal packaging solution but also try their best to provide optimum customer service.

Naturally, we also develop packaging that is customised to suit your special requirements. We produce and deliver special sizes as well as system packaging. We also offer varied services such as: pre-packaging, packaging, shipping and logistics.

Werner Fink
Managing Director

Standard products

progress pack Logo

Postal dispatch packaging

with self-adhesive seal and tear-off strip

  • Mailing envelopes
  • Media packaging
  • Universal shipping packaging
  • Folder packaging
  • Mailing tubes
  • Dispatch boxes

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mit Selbstklebeverschluss

    • Shipping transport system cartons
    • System interlinings
    • Transport moving boxes

    progress cargo Logo

    Transport packaging

    without self-adhesive seal

    • progressBOX SUPERFLAP
    • Shipping transport storage cartons
    • MAILBOX postal dispatch cartons
    • Folder transport cartons
    • Transport moving boxes

      progress fill Logo

      Loose Fill

      Loose paper fill

        • progressFILL loose fill
        • progressFILL FILLMAT 1000
        • progressFILL DECOFILL coloured fill
        • progressFILL PAPERFILL brown fill
        • progressFILL rolled material

        Film retention packagings

        with PE film

          • film retention packaging trays
          • film retention packagings
          • 2-piece packaging solutions for notebooks

          progress file Logo

          Archiving system cartons

            • Magazine files
            • Archiving containers/ storage boxes
            • Magazine files/ storage box 75
            • Storage box 65/ storage box 80/100
            • Suspension storage box 120/ suspension transport box 100
            • Archiving transport containers/ archiving cubes
            • Storage box 75 “bianco”
            • Magazine file “select”/ storage box 80/100 “select”
            • Storage box 120 “select”/ archiving depot “select”
            • Archiving transport container